Cripto FAQ
How to sell Notcoin
How to sell and withdraw Notcoin? The question will be relevant after listing. The rate can be viewed on CoinMarketCap. There you can follow all the latest news.
Notcoin transfers will be carried out on the TON blockchain.
There has not been a listing yet, but you can already sell your NOT at an attractive price:
1 000 000 NOT=17$

You can sell directly on the NOTCOIN P2P platform
Go to the website, follow the link above, click on CLAIM REWARD
A connection window will appear, select the wallet to which you want to receive money for selling Notcoin.
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Next, connect your wallet.
You must have at least $1 in USDT, ETH or BNB in your wallet to pay for gas per transaction.
On the next page, insert your Telegram ID and click the Transfer button.
You can find out your Telegram ID in the bot:
That's it, we sold our NOTCOIN tokens for 439.9 USDT