How to sell NFT
Everyone has NFTs in their Trust Wallet or MetaMask that were sent to you via AirDrop, IDO or ICO.
Many of these NFTs can be sold, and for good money.
Read on for the entire sales process:
We will sell our NFTs on the exchange Rarible
Let's go to the exchange itself and connect the wallet where the NFTs are located
We get to your personal account, where our NFT tokens will be displayed
In the screenshot above you can see that only one token is not offered for sale, so we will now put it up for sale.
To do this, click on it, a new window will open, where we click on Put on sale
A pop-up window will appear where you need to enter the price for which you want to sell the NFT. Set 100 MATIC (about $85), don’t touch any other settings and click Confirm listing
That's it, the NFT token is up for sale. As soon as it is purchased, the money will go to your wallet.
The NFT token sold 3.5 hours after we put it up for sale. Payment in the amount of 100 MATIC was immediately credited to the wallet.
In total, 28 NFT tokens were sold in 3 weeks for a total amount of $3,579
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