Blast airdrop
Cripto FAQ
Blast is an L2 with native yield for ETH and stablecoins. Yield makes it possible to create new revenue streams and provide novel rewards for end-users. Users transact in ETH. Dapps are built around ETH. Blast was designed from the ground up so that ETH itself is natively rebasing on the L2.
Blast has raised $20 million from investors like Paradigm and Standard Crypto and has confirmed that it will do an airdrop for early users. Users who sign up with an invite code, bridge ETH and invite friends will get airdrop points. Airdrop points will be convertible to Blast tokens in May.
Step-by-Step Guide:
Visit the Blast website
  1. Now, connect your wallet.
  2. Head over to the Bridge section and transfer ETH or other tokens from Ethereum to Blast L2.
  3. You will need some ETH or other tokens supported on Blast to be eligible to bridge. You can get them on Binance.
  4. The tokens that have been bridged can only be withdrawn in February, once the mainnet has launched.
  5. You will get one spin per ETH deposited per week.
  6. Each spin unlocks a certain number of airdrop points.
  7. After you complete your initial bridging, you will receive referral codes. You will only get a certain number of codes in the beginning.
  8. The more you and your initially invited friends bridge, the more spins you will earn.
  9. All the earned airdrop points can be converted to Blast tokens in May.
  10. For more information regarding the airdrop, see this page.
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